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Throughout this website there is some humor. Please let me know if you find it, because I lost it some time ago.

I like to be humorous, but for a purpose. Humor helps us relax and helps us understand. But I also know when to be serious. Please take your time and browse this website thoroughly. In these last days we need to be sober and diligent as Christians as well as dance with joy.

For more on the reasons for this website/project/work check out the Why page.

Who are we? Find out by traveling to the About Us page. (Like the names? Navigation should be made simple, don't you think?)

The Animated Christian creates stories and sermons plus retells the Bible stories in a way that is in tune with the culture of the Bible. That makes it a different sort of Christian website. So we are on a different road than most. The key differences are:

While others seek money or seek recognition, to entertain or go along with the mainstream in order to please the masses who pay the money, the Animated Christian is focused on
Bible truths and how to teach them. Pure and simple.

We also  magnify the details and culture of the bible story so that modern viewers can better understand the decisions, lifestyles, and attitudes of the characters. Filtering the message through our modern cultural viewpoints will filter out much that is meaningful. Surprisingly, I discovered that understanding more about the culture helped my understanding of the message. I want to pass that on to my readers and listeners.

The road we choose is where the director of our stories, God, is in charge

Therefore, this road we are on has no time frame. It has objectives, but we don't even know what they are. We just manage, not direct. Will it careen off the road? Maybe. If I try to take over driving, it could. But if God is the sole driver, well then . . . we'll just have to wait and see.

Even though I say we have no time frame, I guesstimated previously that we will be online totally sometime in late 2015. Now it is approaching late 2016. There is some good news to share however. That is in mentioned in the Updates section. But like I said, I'm not in charge. Just going to take it one step at a time.